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Strengthen the relationships between departments, improve communication and stimulate innovation within your organization!

Workdate connects your employees through casual meetings like lunches, coffee breaks or after-works. Easy to set up. Fully automated. Catered to your company.

Try Workdate 2 months for free!

How it works

Workdate is a digital “lottery wheel” which automatically selects two or more employees from different departments and sends them blind invites for lunches, coffee breaks and after-works. The goal is to continuously connect your employees through casual meetings and thus strengthen the network within your company.


First we design an individual registration page for your company, through which your employees can sign up for the Workdate program online.


An algorithm selects matching employees and automatically sends them a calendar invite for a Workdate. Your employees can accept or decline this invite.


Once both parties accept the invite, their Workdate partner will be disclosed. They can discuss the details of their meeting (i.e. location) and meet for their Workdate.



Of course. Please send an email to in order to schedule a meeting.

We attach great importance to the security of your data and ensure this through a series of processes and measures. Our application is hosted at Host Europe GmbH in Germany. The certified data center meets strict German and European data protection regulations. Each data transmission is encrypted (SSL / HTTPS).

We think that you should only pay for what you really use. Thus, there are no fixed prices or setup fees. Instead we charge a monthly fee per active user. You only pay for the employees who regularly use Workdate. You can limit the amount of user slots, so there will be no surprises for your budget. The monthly fee for the first 250 users is 2 EUR per user. For every additional user, the fee gradually decreases to 0,25 EUR. Please request a detailed cost overview by sending an email to

Workdate is a “software as a service” solution hosted on our servers. That means, that neither you nor your employees need to install a software or app. Your employees register online via a company-specific registration page. The invitations for lunches, coffee breaks etc. are sent out via E-Mail. So you skip introducing a new platform or channel.

The setup of Workdate is simple and fast. First you decide which of your locations and departments should be included and which Workdate formats your employees should be able to choose from (lunches, coffee breaks, after-works etc.). After that, we create a company-specific registration page for you and your employees. From then onwards, you can invite your employees to register and enter the Workdate program. You will also get access to an admin dashboard where you can check different kinds of statistics. Workdate is designed in a way, that it works autonomously. Apart from the initial setup, it won´t consume any of your or your employees time.

Of course! You can test Workdate for 2 months free of charge and without any obligations. Just send an email to and we get you started.

Besides the general networking of your employees, Workdate supports you on very concrete challenges your company might face. Here a few examples:

Stimulate innovation: The best ideas often emerge when different perspectives meet. Open-ended discussions between employees from different departments and hierarchy levels provide a good platform for the development of creative thoughts. Innovation also means continuous change. This continuity is ensured by hundreds of regular meetings which take place with the help of Workdate.

Improve the onboarding process: For new employees it is important to quickly establish a network within the company. Getting to know the responsibilities and challenges of different departments is an essential part of a successful integration. In addition to the professional perspective, the private one should not be disregarded. A new job is often accompanied with a relocation to a new city. The social environment like friends and acquaintances has to be rebuilt. Meeting new employees every week (i.e. over lunch or for an after-work beer) can help to speed up this process.

Connect departments: In the course of restructuring, it may happen that certain departments will work together more closely in the future. In that case, it is a clear advantage if the respective employees already know each other. Workdate helps to establish such relationships in a very natural way

The bigger your company, the less your employees know what is going on in departments outside of their own sphere. They meet with the same people, have lunch with the same people and talk to the same people every day. The result is a lack of knowledge exchange between departments, which might lead to a silo mentality and block the flow of innovation. Regular casual meetings will improve the communication between departments and might lead to new collaborations and projects. Studies show that a well-connected workforce is more productive and has a significantly lower fluctuation rate.

About us

Hi, we are the team building Headquartered in Stockholm, our company builds software solutions and online platforms for the HR industry. The goal of our products is to create a link between the online and offline world. We believe that Human Resources (as the name suggests) should always be people-centered. And personal interaction in form of casual meetings is a good starting point for that.