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Connect Your Employees

Reduce silo mentality. Network departments. Improve the onboarding process.
Connect your employees with randomly-assigned colleagues through automated calendar invitations for joint lunch, coffee breaks, or after-work.

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More than 60,000 employees from over 100 companies
already use Workdate to connect with their colleagues.

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How does it work?

Workdate is a digital lottery wheel that randomly selects two or more employees from different departments and invites them to a lunch, coffee break, or after-work via a calendar invitation. The resulting meetings foster cross-departmental exchange and lead to a better-connected workforce.


We design a registration page for your company. Your employees sign up using their browser or smartphone. This is how your registration page could look like.

Regular, automated
Calendar Invites

Based on the individual preferences of each participant, our system sends automated calendar invites to lunch, coffee breaks or after-work – straight to your employees’ inbox.

Matching and

When an employee accepts the invite, our system randomly assigns him a partner and informs both participants that they have a joint “Workdate”.


Frequently asked questions


A well-connected workforce is beneficial for your company as well as for each individual employee. The exchange between departments prevents a silo mentality, improves the flow of information, and contributes to a better understanding of the processes in the company. This continuous exchange does not have to be strictly formalized. An informal, relaxed, and casual networking of your employees is often sufficient, and this works best during lunch or coffee break. Workdate enables a cross-departmental exchange without additional effort for you or your employees.

In addition to the general networking of your employees, Workdate supports you in solving specific challenges in your company. Here are a few examples:

Supports innovations: The best ideas often arise when different perspectives are shared. Open-end and uncontrolled conversations between employees from different departments and hierarchical levels offer a good platform for the emergence of creative thoughts. Innovation also means continuous change, and this continuity is ensured by hundreds of regular meetings that Workdate plans for you.

Improves onboarding: It is essential for new employees to quickly establish a network within the company. Getting to know the responsibilities and challenges of different departments is an essential part of a successful integration. In addition to the professional perspective, the personal one should not be disregarded. A job change is increasingly accompanied by a move to a new city. The private environment and the circle of friends must be rebuilt. This process is accelerated by a continuous meeting of new colleagues (e.g. during lunch or after-work beer).

Networks departments: In the context of restructuring, certain departments will have to cooperate more closely in the future. Your company will only benefit if all affected employees get to know each other in advance. With Workdate, such networking can be controlled in a targeted manner without seeming forced.

We receive a lot of positive feedback from company representatives and participating employees. You can find some specific reports in our testimonial section.

Of course! You can test Workdate for two months without any obligation and free of charge - with all functions and an unlimited number of users. Simply send an e-mail to, and we will discuss everything else.

Gladly! Send an e-mail to, and we will make an appointment.

Yes. You can go through the registration process at The texts and settings on this page are only examples and can be customized to your needs.

Functionality / Features

Workdate is a digital lottery wheel that randomly selects employees and invites them to lunch, coffee breaks, or after-work via a calendar invitation.

Your employees sign up on a registration page that is adapted to your corporate design and select preferences such as the type of meetings, the frequency of invitations, and preferred days. Afterwards, they receive automatically generated calendar invitations to lunch, coffee breaks or after-work on a regular basis, conveniently by e-mail. If an employee accepts a calendar invitation, he or she is randomly assigned a colleague. The participants are notified by e-mail and meet for a joint Workdate.

The drawing procedure is controlled by an algorithm. This can be modified in such a way that most scenarios can be mapped. Let us know about your project, and we will discuss the implementation together.

Workdate is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is hosted on our servers. Neither you nor your employees need to install a software or app. Your employees sign up online via a registration page adapted to your corporate design. They will then receive the invitations to Workdates conveniently as a calendar invitation by e-mail.

Yes. Workdate supports any number of languages. Your employees can choose whether to communicate in German, English, Russian, or, for example, Chinese. This means that the system can easily be used at locations where employees with different linguistic backgrounds work.

Yes. You can use Workdate at any number of locations and map everything in one system. The drawing algorithm considers the location of the employees and avoids long journeys. A matching is possible within the principal location and across all locations.

You can freely define the Workdate formats. The classic is a joint lunch for two or in groups. Many companies also offer coffee breaks or after-works. Even park walks and kicker games can be found here and there.

You can offer meetings for two or in groups. Your employees decide which formats they would like to be invited to when registering.

Yes. Each participant can login to his or her user profile and make changes to his or her preferences.

Yes. Every participant can deactivate or delete his/her user profile at any time.

Yes. You will gain access to an online dashboard where you can view the following information in real time:

  • Number of participating employees
  • Number of “Workdates” that have taken place
  • Attendance rate (invitation acceptances in percent)
  • Last-minute cancellations (Last-minute Workdate cancellations in percent)
This information will help you evaluate Workdate. However, the online dashboard will not show you which of your employees are registered and how often they meet with other employees. This anonymity is particularly important with regard to the consent of the Works Council.

It depends on the size of the company. Experience has shown that at smaller companies, 30% - 40% of the invited employees register with Workdate. This rate is 10% - 20% for larger companies. We would be pleased to support you with advice on the internal marketing of Workdate.


First, you have to get the Works Council and the Data Protection Officer on board. You can find relevant information on this under “Data Protection.”

As soon as the first point has been clarified, we discuss which locations and departments should be involved. Together we determine which Workdate formats (lunch, coffee break, etc.) will be available to your employees. We will create a registration page for your employees and customize the text and design. After completing this page, you can invite your employees to register. Many companies use mailing lists, newsletters or the intranet to draw attention to Workdate.

Every Workdate introduction begins with a free two-month trial period. During this time, you will evaluate whether the system brings the desired added value and is actively used by your employees.

Yes. We can use your color scheme, your font as well as your logo/graphics.

In addition to the design, all texts of the registration page, e-mail communication, and calendar invitations can be adjusted as desired.

We create your access as described under “How do we set up Workdate in the company?” You then invite your employees to participate. All Workdate functions are available to you during the trial period – without any limit on the number of participants. We want you to get a comprehensive picture of our system in those two months, so you have a good basis for a decision. During the entire time, we are in close contact with each other, make any necessary adjustments, and jointly assess the development. After the trial period has expired, you decide whether you want to continue using Workdate. There is no automatic renewal. You have full control.

Data Protection

We attach great importance to the security of your data and ensure this through a series of processes and measures. Our application is hosted by Host Europe GmbH in Cologne. The data center complies with strict German and European data protection guidelines and is ISO 27001-certified.

Workdate works independently of your IT infrastructure and does not require an interface to your systems.

All data transfer is exclusively encrypted (HTTPS / SSL). Calendar invitations sent by e-mail are encrypted with TLS and signed by us according to the DKIM procedure.

Yes. For this purpose, we can either use our data processing agreement pursuant to art. 28 GDPR or, after prior review, we can also take your DPA as a basis for the contract.

Of course, just send an e-mail to, and we will send you the list.

No problem. We will be happy to provide you with a depiction of our system architecture as part of the internal evaluation.

Yes. We have regular penetration tests carried out by a renowned German IT security company. We will be happy to provide you with the results.

So far, we have had consistently positive experiences working with Work Councils. Since Workdate offers an individual added value for each employee, the project has always been supported. Points such as voluntarism, data sovereignty, and anonymity were important in most cases. We would be happy to support you in preparing for a discussion with your Work Council.

Overview of Services and Costs

  • Creation and customization of an individual registration page: We create a registration page according to your corporate design that allows your employees to sign up. You can customize the e-mail texts and calendar invitations freely. The same applies to the predefined languages.
  • Provision of the Workdate platform: You can use all available Workdate functions during the contract period. This includes the matching algorithm and the mailing system that invites your employees to Workdates.
  • Access to an online dashboard: On the online dashboard you can see the number of participants and Workdates that have taken place.
  • Answering user questions and support: We take care of your employees' technical questions and forward any content-related questions to you. In addition, we will be at your disposal throughout the entire duration of the contract.

We believe that you should only pay for the services you actually use. Therefore, there is no fixed price and no setup fee. Instead, we charge a monthly fee per active user. This means that you only pay for the employees who use Workdate regularly. The monthly fee is 2 EUR each for the first 250 users. For each additional user, the fee is gradually reduced to 0.25 EUR per month.

The maximum number of users can be determined in advance. This way you can calculate the costs. Experience has shown that around 30-40% of invited employees working at smaller companies register with Workdate and around 10-20% of employees of larger companies.

We will be happy to send you a detailed cost estimate. Simply contact us at

A user is considered “active” if he or she regularly responds to the Workdate invitations. Registered employees who do not use Workdate on a regular basis will not be charged. You can find information about the number of registered and active users on your online dashboard.

No. Setting up Workdate is free of charge. You only pay a monthly fee per active user.

Yes. The trial phase is completely free of charge and without obligation. Collaboration is not automatically extended. We want you to be able to test Workdate without any risk and only extend it if you are 100% satisfied.

You can choose between a contract period of one or twelve months. The cancellation deadline always ends one month before the end of the contract. If you sign a 12-month contract, you will receive a 10% discount.

Further Questions

Send us an e-mail to or call us at +46 70 3652227. We look forward to receiving your message.


Florian Schrodt

Team Leader Corporate Communication/ Press Spokesman, CSR & HR Marketing Verti Versicherung AG

Simple and very effective. Workdate is the key to the essential success factor at Verti - the people. The smart and intuitive concept does not only solve problems, but it also creates completely new possibilities!

Giuseppina Scuzzarello-Eichmeier

Functional Lead Employer Branding AXA Konzern AG

Workdate creates the basis for a varied exchange between colleagues of different disciplines and company divisions. To keep a finger on the pulse of the time, we think it is important to network within the company, constantly collect new impressions, discover previously undiscovered topics and get to know inspiring personalities. We can offer our employees the ideal framework for this with Workdate as a virtual drawing drum.

Flavia Arizzoli

HR Consultant Helsana Versicherungen AG

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About us

Hello! We are the founders of Workdate. Thank you for visiting our website!
Headquartered in Stockholm, our team works hard to continuously improve the system, that today networks thousands of employees. We are convinced that a well-connected workforce is an important building block for the success of any company. With the help of Workdate, we break up silos, accelerate the integration of new employees and promote knowledge exchange between departments in a casual and playful way. Simply contact us if you want to promote and experience creative innovations and extraordinary projects in your company as well!