Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible System

A well-connected workforce is beneficial both for your company and for each individual employee. The exchange between departments prevents silo thinking, improves the flow of information, and contributes to a better understanding of the company’s processes.

Workdate has a modular structure and offers you a wide range of possible applications. Whether you want to introduce a lunch roulette, video networking, job shadowing or a mentoring program – Workdate can make it happen.

Classical Workdate: This module networks your employees for cross-departmental lunches, coffee breaks, or after-work meetings. Learn more →

Video Networking: This module enables your employees to participate in a lunch or coffee break via video. Learn more →

Job Shadowing: This module enables employees from other departments to look over their colleagues’ shoulders for a day. Learn more →

Mentoring: This module supports your employees in finding a suitable mentor/mentee. Learn more →

The matching is controlled by an algorithm. It can be modified to cover most scenarios. Let us know about your project, and we will be happy to discuss how this can be implemented.

Yes. We can for example use your color scheme, font, and logo/graphics.

Besides the design, any text related to the registration page, to email communication, and to calendar invitations can be customized as desired.

Yes, Workdate supports a variety of languages. When registering, a user can specify the language for further communication.

Yes. Workdate can easily be used at several locations. The matching algorithm takes the participants’ location selection into account and, depending on their preferences, networks them within or across locations.

Secure Data Protection

We attach great importance to the security of your data and ensure this through several processes and measures. Our application is hosted at Host Europe GmbH in Cologne. The data center complies with strict German and European data protection guidelines and is ISO 27001 certified.

Yes, we process personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is mandatory for all data processors as of 25 May 2019.

Yes. We can either use our data processing agreement under Article 28 GDPR or – after prior review – your own data processing contract as a basis. However, the conclusion of a data processing agreement is not a must. As an alternative, we can also be directly responsible for the data processing of your employees.

Workdate works independently of your IT infrastructure and does not require an interface to your system.

All data transfer is encrypted (HTTPS/SSL). Calendar invitations sent by email are encrypted with TLS 1.2 and are signed by us using DKIM.

Of course. Just send us an email to, and we will send you the list.

No problem. We will be happy to provide you with a representation of our system architecture as part of the internal review.

Yes. We regularly have penetration tests conducted by a renowned German IT security company. Please contact us for the results.

The cooperation with these three bodies has always been without problems. As Workdate operates in compliance with data protection laws and offers your employees an individual added value, we have always been given the green light.

Of course. We have a lot of experience with the release processes in smaller and larger companies. We would be happy to support you in preparing and conducting discussions with your works council, data protection officers, and IT.

Detailed Reporting

Yes, you will have access to an online dashboard where you can view the following real-time information:

  • Total number of participants
  • Number of active users
  • Number of meetings held ((video) workdates, job shadowings, mentoring sessions)
  • Attendance and cancellation rates
  • Profile deletions and deactivations over time
  • Distribution of participants among the individual modules
  • And much more

This information will help you to evaluate Workdate. However, the dashboard does not contain any evaluations with personal reference and is therefore safe in terms of data protection. This anonymity is also an essential criterion for many works’ councils.

The data is updated once every hour. This allows you to follow the development in almost real-time.

Yes, that is no problem. We can give you up to 10 user accounts.

Satisfied Customers

We receive a lot of positive feedback from company representatives and participating employees. Please have a look at our customer testimonials.

Our software is used by over 120 companies from the private and public sector. These include Fresenius, E.ON, Deutsche Bahn, METRO, WDR, Targobank, AXA, Jägermeister, KPMG, Biotest, Helsana and ERGO.

Workdate is used by large corporations as well as by smaller medium-sized companies. Although there is no official minimum size, we recommend a staff size of 100+.

Yes. Please feel free to send us an email to, and we will put you in contact with the desired clients.

Free Trial

Of course! You can test Workdate for two months without obligation and free of charge – including all functions and an unlimited number of users. Just send us an email to, and we will discuss everything.

We set up the system with full functionality for you and adapt it to your individual needs, already during the trial phase. Then you invite your employees to participate. The aim is to give you a general impression of our system and provide you with a good basis for your decision. Throughout the entire period, we are in close contact with each other, make any necessary adjustments, and jointly assess the development. After the trial period, you decide whether you want to continue using Workdate.

Yes, the test phase is entirely free and without obligation. The cooperation is not automatically extended. We want you to test Workdate extensively without risk and only extend it if you are 100% satisfied.

Of course! Just send an email to or book an appointment here.

Yes. You can find a demo at Here you can go through the registration process and receive test invitations for lunch. The content and design of this page are only examples and will be adapted to your needs later.

Fair Prices

The costs are calculated based on the number of active users, service level, and the extent of individualization. All three components are available in a free basic version so that you can use Workdate to a limited extent for free. Request a non-binding offer here.

Depending on company size and culture, we have found that – in smaller companies – 30-40% of the invited employees register for Workdate. This rate is 10-20% for bigger companies. We would be pleased to support you in promoting Workdate within your company.

Our system recognizes when a registered employee leaves your company, and his/her email address is deactivated. The employee’s Workdate access is automatically deleted.

Whether a setup fee is charged depends on the extent of the system’s customization. If you use the basic version of Workdate and only want to make minor adjustments, the setup is free of charge. A possible setup fee is only due if the cooperation is extended after the free trial period.

You can choose between contract terms ranging from one to twenty-four months. The cancellation deadline is always four weeks before the end of the contract. We grant you a discount of 10-20% if you choose one of the longer terms.

Low Effort

The set-up process usually consists of three steps.

1. Technical and legal approval

In many cases, you will need permission from your data protection officer, IT security, and the works council. We will then draw up a service contract that regulates the cooperation. This contract may have to be approved by the purchasing department.

2. Adaptation of the system

Simultaneously to the first step, we will work on the individual adjustment of the system. We discuss which modules you would like to use for which purpose, determine participating locations and departments, and adapt the registration page to your corporate design. Then we test the functionality within a small group.

3. Internal promotion

After all approvals have been received, and the system has been configured and tested, you can introduce it to your employees and invite them to participate. Many companies use mailing lists, newsletters, or the intranet to promote Workdate. We will be happy to support you with information material and best practice examples.

Every Workdate introduction begins with a two-month free trial period. During this time, you evaluate whether the system brings the desired added value and is actively used by your employees.

The amount of effort required during operation is close to zero. The system is built in such a way that all processes run automatically, and no manual tasks are required.

Easy To Use

The Workdate system is extremely easy to use. After a one-time sign-up on a registration page, the entire process takes place via email and calendar invitations. We use a medium that is familiar to your employees and does not require any explanation.

No. Workdate is a so-called Software as a Service (SaaS) and is hosted on our servers. Neither you nor your employees need to install any software or app. Workdate can be used just with an internet browser and an email program.

Yes, it can. The only requirement is that your employees have an email app installed and can use it to receive calendar invitations. This should be the case for all participants.

Yes, every participant can log in to his or her user profile and make changes to the settings and preferences.

Yes, every participant can deactivate or delete his user profile at any time.

First-Class Support

Yes. We attach great importance to a close and personal relationship with our customers. You will have a personal contact person at your disposal who will help you with words and deeds.

Yes, we will accompany the entire introduction process. We are available for questions from your colleagues and provide all necessary information.

Of course. We provide you with information material, show you best practice examples, and plan internal marketing measures together.

Further Questions

Please contact us via email (, Chat or phone (+46703652227). We look forward to hearing from you!