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Verti Versicherung AG

Florian Schrodt

Team Leader Corporate Communication/ Press Spokesman, CSR & HR Marketing

Mr. Schrodt, please introduce yourself briefly.

I’d love to. My name is Florian Schrodt. I’ve been with Verti since 2015 and hold quite a few roles. As a team leader corporate communication, press spokesman, person responsible for CSR and HR marketing, I definitely won’t get bored. This variety is very important to me and offers a lot of room for innovation. For example, in a project like Workdate.

What is Workdate used for at Verti?

A culture of cooperation and exchange is more important today than ever before. It creates the basis for progress and gives the employees inspiration and a sense of purpose. We call our Workdate-approach „Conversational Progress” – because open, unfiltered communication is the basis for continuous development.
We are faced with two transformations that we want to master in the best possible way. Firstly, our rebranding from Directline to Verti. Secondly, the even more stringent strategic focus on a digital agenda. It is important for us to achieve these two corporate milestones together with our employees. We don’t want to stop at hierarchies and departmental boundaries, but rather involve all employees. This results in better ideas and more sustainable solutions. But the most important that is that a company-wide commitment to the change process is created.

Why did you choose Workdate?

Workdate enables people to network with each other in a very charming way – on a very personal level. Especially the factors of surprise and continuity were important to us. That’s what makes Workdate so exciting for our employees. They continually get new insights, both professionally and personally.
We quickly decided for Workdate because the decision was made really easy for us. In addition to an intuitive, easy-to-understand solution, the team offered one thing: a great personal consultation and customized approaches for every field of application. Furthermore, the cost-benefit ratio and the variable scalability are unbeatable arguments in favor of Workdate.

What is the feedback from participating employees?

The feedback from employees shows that the approach can be easily integrated into everyday working life and does not create technical barriers, but rather opens cultural doors. Our management supports Workdate, with our CEO leading the way. He gives the initiative a face, which surely reduces inhibition thresholds and promotes the culture of cooperation. The word "blind date" in the company sometimes causes a chuckle but is very popular with employees.